Hiking trails – Nature Park “Frankenhöhe”

Hiking trails – Nature Park “Frankenhöhe”

Romantic Franconia offers many opportunities for hiking. Especially the nature park Frankenhöhe with the quality hiking trail “European watershed” and the oak forest trail are worth coming to the region! The nature park Frankenhöhe is one of the sunniest areas. It offers a very varied landscape with mixed forests, flowing waters, dry biotopes and viticulture.

The landscape

The nature park is characterized by the forests of the Frankenhöhe in the west and the hilly landscape in the east and north, with mountains over 500 meters. In the west, the Tauber Valley and the Hohenlohe Plain characterize the landscape. The main European watershed is part of the Frankenhöhe arc around the upper Altmühl valley. Likewise, the Wörnitz, Sulzach and Altmühl rivers run through the area. About one third of the nature park is covered by forest. Peaks over 500 meters high alternate with the often pronounced river valleys. On the slopes of the Rangau and the Frankenhöhe there are also scattered orchards and vineyards.

Hiking trails

The “Qualitätswanderweg Europäischer Wasserscheideweg”

Hike through the gentle low mountain landscape of the Frankenhöhe Nature Park. Wonderful routes through forest and meadows, often on paths through narrow forest aisles or through meadows, inspire nature lovers and hikers.
The moderate differences in altitude are pleasant and easy to master. The German Hiking Association has certified the Wasserscheideweg with the title “Quality Trail Wanderbares Deutschland”. A white-blue sign symbolizes the European watershed and accompanies as a marker without gaps the hiking route oriented to it. The watershed trail has all this to offer and is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some real downtime. The relaxed hike is not particularly difficult, because the differences in altitude are rather moderate in the Frankenhöhe Nature Park. On the other hand, you can experience silence and nature on secluded paths. Time and again, benches at particularly beautiful spots invite you to rest and linger. The route is a real insider tip for all those who are not looking for crowds.

The short film shows impressions of the trail: Europäischer Wasserscheideweg

Wanderwege Franken
Wanderwege Franken

Oak forest path Colmberg

Next to Colmberg Castle, an impressive oak forest – over 200 years old – characterizes the Lehrberg slope around Colmberg. While many oak forests were replaced by coniferous forests in the 19th century, the Colmberg oak forest at Heubuck and Lochrangen was preserved.

Along the route, panels provide information about the preservation and management of the forest as an important contribution to environmental protection. In addition to the wealth of information about the forest, hay ponds and hutches are included in the nature trail as elements that shape the landscape. In addition, the forest nature trail points to the Colmberg beekeepers’ educational apiary, the Way of St. James, and St. Ursula’s Church.

Starting point: the church of St. Ursula on the Kirchberg.
Further information: Colmberg