Distillery tour franconia

Distillery tour franconia

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Schnapps is a stimulant that is almost indispensable today. Even a glance at the drinks menu shows a multitude of existing types of schnapps. The best-known varieties among them, which are exported and consumed worldwide, are listed below.

  • Brandy

The brandy is one of the classics and is produced especially in Southern Europe. For this purpose, ordinary wines are distilled and processed, resulting in a drink with an alcohol content of about 40%. Among the well-known varieties are Cognac and Armagnac.

  • Fruit brandy

Fruit brandy is produced on the basis of fruits. These are first processed into a mash and then distilled. Due to the numerous fruit varieties growing in Germany, many distilleries exist. Well-known varieties include cherry brandy and mirabelle plum brandy.

  • Grain brandy

Grain brandies are simple to produce. They are obtained from fermented grain by means of distillation. This includes well-known varieties such as whiskey, grain and vodka.

  • Sugar cane spirit

The starting product here is also the mash, a mixture of crushed sugar cane and sugar cane juice. Sugar cane spirit includes only rum.

  • Liqueur

A liqueur, on the other hand, is characterized by its high sugar content of at least 100 grams per liter. Examples are egg liqueur and amaretto.

Schnapps tasting noble distillery Henninger

If you want to experience such a particularly intense taste experience, you should definitely not miss a visit to the noble distillery Henninger. There, get to know the variety of flavors of the noble brandies and liqueurs during a professional tasting. In addition to the schnapps tasting, you will learn more about how the fruits are processed in a gentle and natural way to aromatic pleasure. In addition to the production method and the distillation process, the most important key points of the various distillates are also explained.
Also for the hunger in between is provided during the schnapps tasting of course with a hearty homemade snack.